AMD Radeon RX 480
AMD Radeon RX 480

AMD Radeon RX 480 Drivers

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AMD Radeon RX 480 – AMD has moved from its GCN (Graphics Core Next) 3 design to GCN 4, codenamed Polaris. It’s a genuinely large move regarding the chip’s actual plan. Gone is the 28-nanometer measure utilized in the past age, to be supplanted by a 14nm cycle. This takes into account a more prominent number of semiconductors on some random bit of silicon, however without bringing about an expansion in force utilization and warmth.

The 14nm cycle is more thick than the 16nm cycle of Nvidia’s Pascal design, utilized in the GTX 1070 and 1080, however since AMD hasn’t yet dispatched a GPU to match both of these cards, direct correlations on the viability of this denser game plan stays not yet clear.

AMD has been more traditionalist, timing the Radeon RX 480 at only 1120MHz with a lift clock speed of 1266MHz. This implies the RX 480 can work up to 27% quicker than the R9 390 in its stock setup, which should help make up for the 10% decrease in centers.

In any case, contrasted with the R9 390, the RX 480 has one other hindrance: its memory interface. Indeed, even with AMD’s generational effectiveness enhancements, we can’t help thinking about how they intend to beat the RX 480’s ~30% decline in memory transmission capacity. While the past age R9 390 used a gigantic 512-bit wide memory transport permitting 384GB/s of data transfer capacity utilizing generally moderate 1500MHz GDDR5 memory, the memory transport of the RX 480 has been divided to 256-digit. To close that hole the RX 480 utilizes quicker GDDR5 memory timed at 2000MHz.

DOWNLOAD DRIVERS AMD Radeon RX 480 (400 Series)

Radeon Software  20.12.1 Optional (Windows 10 64 Bit)

Radeon Software  20.12.1 Optional (Windows 7 64 Bit)
Auto-Detect and Install
Radeon™ Software for Linux® Driver for Ubuntu 20.04 (Ubuntu x86 64-Bit)

OS Support :
Windows 10 – 64-Bit Edition
Windows 7 – 64-Bit Edition
RHEL x86 64-Bit
Ubuntu x86 64-Bit